Opportunities for artists

On this page you can find out about current and ongoing opportunities through DART.
Please note that all opportunities are curated by Live & Local. We will make decisions as to who receives these opportunities based on our assessment of an artist’s, or promoter’s, ability to make good use of such opportunities for the benefit of rural touring sector, and based on our organisational capacity to meet demand.

OPPORTUNITIES – for performing artists & companies

Artist Call Out – DART East Midlands

Live & Local along with Little Earthquake are putting a call out for artists/companies from the East Midlands (or working within the East Midlands) to submit for an exciting opportunity. For more information click HERE.

Invite Live & Local to see your performance or work-in-progress

If you are inexperienced in rural touring and have a show or work-in-progress that you are developing (for rural or other touring), please get in touch if you would like a member of the Live & Local team to see your work and offer feedback. It’s best to give us about 1-2 months’ notice of performance dates. We may offer you a meeting with a member of the Live & Local team here in Warwick to offer you more detailed advice about making shows for, and marketing shows to, rural touring.

OPPORTUNITY – for universities/higher education colleges

Presentation on rural touring as part of performing arts courses 

Live & Local’s role in brokering relationships between performing artists/companies and rural communities is part of the performing arts ecology that creates opportunities for artists to reach an audience and to make a living – and yet lots of creative people leaving higher education and emerging into the professional arts world know nothing about it.

Live & Local is therefore seeking to make connections with performing arts course in higher education so that we can tell your students about opportunities in rural touring and to encourage them to find out more. We want to engage with the next generation of theatre-makers, choreographers, bands, puppeteers, slam poets, string quartets… We want to start the conversation…  Contact us to find out more.

Shindig and Lilo






2 thoughts on “Opportunities for artists

  1. Chris Dyson says:

    Hi Live & Local, Im from the trad irish folk band `Roisin Ban`. We are interested in any opportunity to do rural venues & happy to co promote these if required. We are prepared to work on a door % basis so risks are shared as are profits made.
    Please have a look at our website http://www.roisinban.co.uk
    There are contact details, short live video of a gig etc.
    Hope to hear from you

  2. Live & Local says:

    Hi Chris, this is not the site to tell us about your existing work that could be available to Live & Local. Please see Live & Local’s website http://www.liveandlocal.org.uk and go to the ‘get involved’ section to find out how to submit information for consideration for programming in the touring scheme.
    Thanks, Sally

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