Applications closed for DART-Day

After hearing from many performing companies, groups and artists, applications for Stage 1 of the Development Programme have now closed. If you didn’t quite manage to get your application in or if you were unavailable for DART-Day, do sign up to follow the blog as we will keep you informed about the progress of this project and future opportunities with Developing Artists in Rural Touring.

We received an array of interesting applications in everything from dance to theatre to storytelling, and will soon be undertaking the difficult task of selecting those we will invite to the DART-Day. If you have applied, you can expect to hear from us by 7th October, and updates on the project will be posted on here – watch this space!



Hi again from Sally at Live & Local.  Having a busy time here with projects and with gearing up for our autumn season – and I’m sure many of you performing artists are having a busy time too, especially those doing their stuff up at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Theatre companies and artists will be looking to make their names, garner those 5* star reviews and even win an award – all of which can be used to gain the attention of promoters and audiences in the future. It’s an expensive and competitive business…which makes me want to stress that the DART project – whilst it’s inviting people to apply in – is most definitely not intended to be a competition leading to bookings on rural touring circuits, etc.  It is rather an opportunity for performing artists to try out their work and their ideas on people who have lots of experience in either promoting or making work for rural and small-scale venues.  Through this opportunity you may become better equipped to make performances that work well – and sell well – in these contexts.

I hope it will be inspirational to those taking part, as well as for those who are giving their time to give feedback to artists on the DART-Day! 

 The Roving Crows in Concert

The Roving Crows in Concert

Starting the conversation…

Hi, I’m the project manager for DART.  It’s great to be launching this project to support performing artists’ development, and I’d like to thank Steve Wilson of Worcestershire County Council for having the original idea and putting the funds behind it.

I have just come back from the annual conference of the National Rural Touring Forum.  It’s an opportunity for touring scheme managers, promoters and touring artists to share experiences and ideas, which on this occasion included some other schemes’ projects for supporting emerging rural touring artists.  Hearing others’ stories has inspired my first blog post on this site, to say what I hope DART will be…

…a conversation between promoters and artists, an open-minded exchange of experiences and ambitions, an opportunity to better understand each other and be inspired. 

Sally Rew

Live & Local staff and promoters at the NRTF conference, L-R: promoters: David Howe (Heanor Baptist Church), Ginny Lee (Malvern Cube), Emma Bangham (Number 8, Pershore); staff: Sally Rew, John Laidlaw, Sarah Benn

Group photo - L-R David (Promoter, Heanor), Ginny (Promoter, Malvern), Emma (Promoter, Pershore), Sally (Live & Local), Sarah (Live & Local), John (Live & Local) copy